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Energy savings unleashed

Automatically be on the cheapest energy deal available to you. Never overpay again.

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How does it work?


Get started

It’s a doddle. Everything we need from you is already in your head. The rest we look up.


We compare

We check your current tariff against a ridiculously huge range of deals, from a panel of suppliers we trust



If you can save at least £80 we switch you. Or you can tell us to hang on if you’re not ready. Either way we do all the leg work.


Auto or Manual

We can either switch you automatically, where you can click to cancel = our Auto service; or; We will send you a notification but don’t activate anything unless you click to say “go ahead” = our Manual service. Either way, nothing happens without you knowing and you always have 14 days to cancel.

Some of our suppliers:

Octopus Energy
Coop Energy
Good Energy
SO Energy
Scottish Power
Pure Planet

Our customers would recommend us

Gave me rapid and very detailed information on how I should switch. Everyone should sign up.

Alex, Coldfeild

Extremely pro active when it comes to communication, I cannot praise them enough. Its simple to join and well explained and we are looking forward to working towards a more cost efficeint electricity supply as and when.

Sue, Norfolk

This has to be the simplest, easiest method of managing switching supplier. A device that connects to my smart meters and then Labrador do the rest.

Philip, Walsall

Frequently asked questions

Am I still in control?

Can I cancel a switch with you?

Is this a free service?

Which energy suppliers do you compare?

What do I need to get started?

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