Cheap energy made easy.
Forever and for free.

Same old energy provider

Automatic cheap rates

We know it’s a hassle to switch energy supplier.
Not with us. We do it all for you.
No bills. No meter reads. No worries.

Our service is free as suppliers pay for every switch. We get paid the same no matter which supplier or which tariff, so we just get you the best.

Plus, we have around double the amount of suppliers compared to some of the big name comparison sites. Here’s a small selection:

British Gas
Coop Energy
Extra Energy
First Utiliy
Good Energy
Ovo Energy
Scottish Power

Our customers would recommend us

Gave me rapid and very detailed information on how I should switch. Everyone should sign up.

Alex, Coldfeild

Five stars

Extremely pro active when it comes to communication, I cannot praise them enough. Its simple to join and well explained and we are looking forward to working towards a more cost efficeint electricity supply as and when.

Sue, Norfolk

Five stars

This has to be the simplest, easiest method of managing switching supplier. A device that connects to my smart meters and then Labrador do the rest.

Philip, Walsall

Five stars

This all sounds great, but how does it work?


Share your details with us

We have the fastest sign up journey because we ask industry for your info, rather than force you to dig out your bills or battle with spiders to take a meter reading.

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We search the market for the best deal and let you know



The choice is yours



We’re experts


Not sure how to make the first step?

No hidden costs, no hidden fees, complete transparency. Our sign up process couldn’t be any simpler. If you still have some questions check our FAQ’s or speak to an agent.


Say goodbye to meter readings

Our free Labrador Retriever tracks your household’s energy without the need for manual meter readings. When a better deal is found, we can make the switch for you automatically


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