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What's wrong with the energy industry

Why does the energy market remain such a headache for customers? Since the invention of the internet, we have seen innovation explode and transform sectors, radically increasing customer value and experience. But not in energy. Why?

by Jane Lucy

September 15, 2020

Where to start…..

It is an unusual industry where the degree of apathy is so great for a service that keeps all of our electronics powered, the internet running, provides hot showers, a warm house and enables us to cook. Energy is not only a basic necessity but mandatory for all the comforts of modern life. If we were to take away all of the things that energy enables, I have no doubt that the apathy levels would sharply change…

...If consumers struggle to understand the root cause of their pain point today, they will have little chance tomorrow. Our focus really is on reduction. Use less (fossil fuels), pay less, worry less. With less friction. Less is more. But driven by accurate and transparent data that doesn’t need a claim for independence; but sits quietly in the background as fact. That is my vision for an innovative energy market. The safe pair of hands that powers the things we care about, and gives us the time and money to enjoy them.

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