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UtilityWeek: New entrants need deep pockets

Most start-ups have ideas that can revolutionise industries but fail because they quickly run out of capital

by Anton Hagelund

November 23, 2018

As a new entrant into the energy industry, it is imperative to assess the strengths of the market, while more importantly beginning to understand the size and scale of the issues found within it.

It is only after gauging what you have to offer to improve the sector that you can successfully gain access and transform monopolised areas. The nature of the beast when it comes to energy is that although the market can appear saturated it has always functioned in the same, conventional manner.

These traditional models leave space for innovative technologies that provide a true understanding of the market to disrupt and thrive within these arenas.

Read the full article to see how Labrador did from an early stage of the business here.

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