Today’s Evening Standard - Labrador is one of the UK’s most exciting start-ups.

by Jane Lucy | June 25, 2018

Labrador's Jane Lucy is on a mission to transform your energy bills, transforming the energy sector one dog-inspired product at a time.

Labrador’s aim is to take all the pain points out of your energy bills management. On average, people spend around two and a half hours sorting out their energy bills, finding the right tariffs and signing up for a new service. “I’m a single parent so if I get an hour to myself on weekends, which is lucky, what am I going to do: watch Netflix or spend an hour on USwitch?,” Lucy tells the Standard. “Netflix is going to win every time but that shouldn’t be the price I pay for my energy.”

Labrador is taking advantage of other parts of the tech revolution to make it easy for consumers to use. It’s planning to launch a chatbot on Facebook Messenger rather than building its own app, as well as integration with Amazon Alexa, in order to make Labrador as accessible as possible.

“I don’t expect to draw somebody out of the technology environment they’re already in to download my bespoke piece of tech and log in behind a Labrador-only login and password. You should be able to interact in Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, whatever makes sense for the customer,” she says.

“We have to recognise what people’s lifestyles look like and try and fit with that, rather than the other around.”

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