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The Sun: Why renters end up paying more for energy due to previous tenants’ bills

Over a million renters are still using the energy supplier chosen by a previous tenant, here's how to make sure you don't overpay

by Anton Hagelund

January 11, 2019

The study, carried out by auto-switching service Labrador, found that five per cent of renters (1.3million people) have overpaid utility bills because of a previous tenant's unpaid debts. This figure rises to 11 per cent among 18- to 34-year-olds, the equivalent of 909,563 people in the UK.

While 3 per cent of renters said that they had not realised that they could dispute bills that they didn't incur. As a renter you're only responsible for paying for electricity and gas that you actually use. The most important thing to do is to take a meter reading the day you move in and send it to your supplier - this should help make sure you're not paying off someone else's debt.

Read the rest of the artcle here.

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