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The best automatic energy switching services - we compare the new providers

If you can’t be bothered to shop around for a new energy deal, these sites will handle it for you - forever

by Anton Hagelund

November 22, 2018

We are getting into the most expensive time of the year when it comes to energy bills, with the heating now going on far more frequently.

For many of us this is a particularly pricey time because we are sat on uncompetitive energy deals, typically the standard tariffs that suppliers stick us on once we come to the end of an initial fixed tariff.

While we all know that shopping around would save us money on our bills, to be honest most of us simply can’t be bothered.

However, there is now a handful of automatic switching services, which monitor the market for you and promise to move you to better deals as and when they appear.

That means one sign up, taking a few minutes, then you'll always be on the the best deal without ever have to think about it again.

Read the full article to see all switching services here.

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