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Smart, Traditional, Economy 7, Prepayment

Our service works for everyone. But how it works, is up to you.

We are smarter than the average price comparison site because we support all meter types.

The idea there are different meter types may not have occurred to you - this is normal! Meter types are not something you need to worry about because it is our mission to know all this stuff inside out. But it does mean you have choices.

We always automatically default to cheapest, so if that’s what you’re here for, then you don't need to do anything.

But here we explain a bit more about what we do and how, so you can make informed choices about what you may be prepared to pay more for.

Which meter do you have?

Not sure? Don't worry, we can find out for you.


The next generation of a gas and electricity meter - shows a digital meter reading and automatically sends the reading to your energy supplier for accurate bills.


Earlier technology where you need to take manual meter reads and send to your supplier.

Economy 7

Where you get charged cheaper prices for your electricity at night.


Where you pay for your energy in advance via a token, key, prepay card or smart top up.

Which meter do you want?

We can tailor switches to get you the meter you want.


Our default is to switch you to a tariff that comes with a free, fast-tracked installation, whenever it’s cheapest. But you can change your switching preferences to get one ASAP - i.e. still save money compared to your current tariff but pay a bit more than cheapest.


Not sure about smart meters? No problem. Just change your switching preferences to “Keep me traditional.”

Economy 7

If you have a traditional Economy 7 meter, you can switch to either an Economy 7 tariff or a traditional tariff. If you have or get a smart meter, you can access Economy 7 tariffs without a meter change.


You can choose Prepayment and Smart. This is because choosing Prepayment is done in your Payment preferences whilst Smart or Traditional is done in your Meter preferences.

Smart meters can switch between prepayment and credit tariffs without a physical meter change. They can also give you more flexible ways to top up (without leaving the house…)

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Reasons to be smart

The government has mandated that all households be offered a smart meter between now and 2020. A third of households already have them. These are the key reasons why.


Ending estimated bills

78% of households have paid for their energy via estimated bills for the last 10 years! Given we have found estimated usage can lead to the wrong tariff recommendation >50% of the time, we can only imagine the total cost to the nation from estimated bills…. A lot. Smart meters can put an end to this nonsense.

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No more meter reads



Ability to budget ahead of your bill



Make Great Britain greener



Reducing costs


Stay smart and save

Learn more about our free Labrador Retriever and how we can keep you smart, without being locked in to your installing suppliers expensive tariffs…

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