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Landlords wrongly refusing tenant requests to switch energy

More than three-quarters of a million tenants may be wrongly denied the right to switch their energy provider by their landlord, research claims.

by Anton Hagelund

November 27, 2018

Auto-switching service The Labrador, which works with letting agents to help tenants move to more affordable suppliers, surveyed 1,000 renters, and found a lack of awareness regarding switching rights.

The poll found that 5% of renters have wrongly been refused attempts to switch energy supplier to their landlord – which it said equates to 779,626 adults based on an estimated 15m tenants in the UK.

Additionally, 6% said they believed they did not have the right or ability to switch, The Labrador report says.

Read the full article to see how many who has inherited their energy supplier from previous tenants here.

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