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The Labrador Home Hub

Our smart home hub, upgrading you to smartest for life and for free

The Low Down



Tariff recommendations depend on your usage. The Labrador Home Hub fetches your usage direct from your meters, so our service is instantly personalised to you. We can automatically detect any change (new baby, kids leaving for university, you being more energy efficient), meaning our search will continuously adjust without you needing to do anything.




Never be left mystified as to whether a savings projection holds true. With the Labrador Home Hub, we not only show your usage and cost (in near real time), but also your annual projection and progress (updating daily). We are the first fully transparent switching service in Great Britain!



More ways to save

With a connected Labrador Home Hub, you can switch to any cheap tariff with any supplier (even those who do not yet support your smart meter) without losing visibility of your usage and cost 24/7 (you can even access your Labrador dashboard via any internet connected device when you’re remote from home - check if anything looks out of the norm when on holiday or if the kids have cranked up the heating after you have left home…)


The Labrador Home Hub in action

This short video gives you a quick run down

Key requirements

1. A smart meter
2. Home broadband
3. Less than 15 metres between your broadband router and smart electricity meter
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