Jane Lucy Interviewed at Talk Radio

by Jane Lucy | May 31, 2018

Jane was interviewed by the BBC’s Chris Hollins for a seven-minute slot on the breakfast show, talking about Labrador’s latest research “Compare the LOSS.com: Price Comparison Sites Fall Out of Favour with the Nation They Once Served”, which showed:

  • 82% of all customers believe they have LOST up to £5 using price comparison sites, with 64% spending up to an HOUR to achieve the loss
  • On average, the nation has lost £11 per person, using the online “money-saving tool”
  • When customers have benefited from price comparison sites (PCWs), the average saving comes in at a paltry £59
  • 32% of users compare prices on PCWs, but don’t sign up to suppliers through them
  • 5.2 million Brits are distrustful of price comparison sites

The research suggests support for the market potential of an accurate and automated comparison and switching service that can guarantee savings, deliver true transparency and negate the need for customers to have to spend time on what can be an onerous and confusing task, like The Labrador.

With some of the traditional PCWs now having been around for up to 25 years, with little change in their service, having launched back in the day of dial up internet, pre the iPhone and even pre Google, the market is ripe for technology disruption.

Jane Lucy, CEO and Founder of The Labrador said:

“This report lifts the lid on why only 18% of households switch energy suppliers every year. The U.K. public has lost trust in Price Comparison sites to deliver the savings they once did. In this technology age, consumers should not expect to lose any money from these services. We need a new breed of peoples’ champion, a service that is transparent, delivers substantial savings, and removes – forever – the onus on the consumer to do all the work. That service is the Labrador.”