Interest in smart meters on the rise

by Jane Lucy | May 03, 2018

New consumer research reveals 74% of households are interested in getting a smart meter and only 1% are concerned about the idea of them. Not surprising given they have the ability to put an end to:

  • estimated bills
  • the need for manual meter readings
  • providing opening and closing meter reads on a switch

Plus, they can:

  • provide transparency and visibility of usage and cost in real-time
  • help reduce industry costs which in turn should lower bills
  • help deliver the country’s carbon reduction commitments
  • unlock innovation for better products and services

The research was conducted by Utility Week and you can read more about it here.

Labrador is of course one of the ways households can take control and choose to get a smart meter installation now. Rather than waiting to be offered one anytime between now and 2020, you can set your switching preferences to switch to a tariff that comes with smart meters for your first switch.

Also, this week a new potential benefit revealed – 300,000 homes have been saved from potential tragedies including fires and gas leaks by faults being uncovered in the process of installing smart meters. You can read more about that here.