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Daily Mail: Prices might be set to go up but here's eight easy steps you can take that should save you hundreds

There are eight things anyone can do right now, in less than an hour, to make back the possible £1000 cost, and cushion the blow if the worst-case scenario with Brexit happens.’

by Anton Hagelund

November 24, 2018

11 million Brits overpay for energy by £360 a year on average. Switching energy providers can prevent this but a lot of us see either looking into it or actually doing it (i.e. in practical terms both) as a chore and somehow possibly hazardous.

Even then it can be hard to know whether you’ve really saved money. Labrador solves all these problems. Sign up with Labrador and they will regularly check you are on the right plan, switch providers if and when necessary, saving you an estimated £537 a year.

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