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BusinessCloud: Smart switching will save users '100 times more on energy'

Customers can make huge savings by automatically switching energy suppliers throughout the year - but choosing the right tech is key

by Anton Hagelund

November 19, 2018

Smart meters are the future in an energy market full of frustrated customers, and using them to switch providers regularly is key to making savings.

That is according to Jane Lucy, founder and CEO at energy tech start-up Labrador.

The company, which Lucy founded in her 40s following a successful career in law and media, uses smart technology to automatically switch users onto the best tariff throughout the year.

Lucy believes technology is the future for the industry, specifically when it comes to saving energy through switching providers.

"There are savings and environmental benefits through being efficient with energy, but a lot of people don't have the flexibility to shift to different times or areas or to go without heating," she told BusinessCloud.

See the full article here to see more.

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